Halal food in Amsterdam centre

For Muslims and Muslim women has Mayur Indian Restaurant of course ritual slaughter

In Amsterdam and near the Leidseplein there are not too many dining options for Muslims seeking Halal meat.

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Because India is by far the most religiously tolerant country on Earth is more than we felt it appropriate to our dishes also accessible to followers of Islam.

From their own religious background, Hinduism, eat our chefs, however, no beef. Therefore we work purely with chicken, lamb and shrimp, with the lamb and the chicken by our Amsterdam Islamic butcher on ritual mode is sex and so is 100% halal.

Are you as a Muslim or Muslim looking for a perfect address to eat in the Centre of Amsterdam near the Leidseplein and the Korte Leidsedwarsstraat, come especially to Mayur Indian Restaurant. Many Muslims from all over the world have already found, or are referred by their respective hotel concierges to us because there is simply no better option in Amsterdam if you are looking for the perfect halal meal.

The past thirty-five years, Mayur Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam also had multiple Islamic chefs in service, because India Besides Hindus also many Muslims to the population counts.

For example, has a business dinner with guests from a Muslim country, then Mayur Indian restaurant the perfect place for your business halal dinner. Your Muslim guests will be able to choose from an unprecedented offer of the most delicious curries and tandoori dishes, carefully prepared by our chefs.

Our meat supplier specializes in ritual slaughter

We can therefore guarantee that the dishes we offer entirely according to the rules of Islam as halal.

Guests from Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Dubai, Lebanon and Egypt have already made the road to the Korte Leidsedwarsstraat around the corner from the Leidseplein in Amsterdam, found.

Also in different leading travel publications we are listed as a specialist halal restaurant and a top location for Muslim guests.

Very popular Indian creations that are at the Islamic audience

In addition to tandoori and curry dishes, we also offer the most delicious halal biryanis. This spiced rice dishes are very popular Indian creations that are at the Islamic audience. In particular, guests from the Middle East come to our restaurant in Amsterdam for our lamb biryani, which incidentally also can be prepared vegetarian.

For the very faithful Muslims offers Mayur Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam in addition to halal meals are also a separate room where prayers can be, both during Ramadan or beyond.


During Ramadan Mayur Indian Restaurant at the Korte Leidsedwarsstraat Amsterdam at the Leidseplein a popular eetlocatie for Muslims and Muslim women. Because our kitchen is open until eleven o'clock in the evening can also Muslims in the summer months after fasting with a halal meal. You can have previously received to place your order and we will make sure that on breaking of fasting your halal meal for your nose.

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